About Ya Girl

I’m Emily

Educator. Coach. Advocate. Human.

7w8ManifestorQuestionner. ENFP. Leo.

Full Time Transition Specialist -- guiding students with disabilities through individualized programs for transitioning out of high school and into post-secondary education and employment.

Certified Health Coach -- passionate about holistic wellness, women's health, integrative medicine and real food. 

Advocate -- volunteering with CASA of Los Angeles, advocating to the court on behalf of a child in our overburdened and broken foster care system.

Human -- experiencing the fullness that is the journey of life through continued exploration of myself, and connection with my fellow human beings.

Dreamer, believer, doer. My core values are joy, growth, and connection & I aim to live in alignment with them everyday. I like to dance. I love my dog and my cat. My favorite foods are bacon and chocolate. I am always very loud, very opinionated, and sometimes very funny.

Through my short yet impactful journey through life thus far, I have come to posit that the optimal human experience is cultivated through intentional nourishment in 5 different areas. 

5 Pillars of Wellness:

Mental Wellness

Spiritual Wellness

Physical Wellness

Relational Wellness

Societal Wellness

When energy and intention are placed behind the nourishment of each of these 5 Pillars of Wellness, we unlock the potential for some serious magic, not only for ourselves but for the greater collective.

I believe we all intuitively know how to nourish our own 5 Pillars of Wellness. The difficulty lies in connecting with our own intuitive knowing. I am not here to tell you what each of your pillars needs in order to thrive, but to share my own journey and the insights I've gained along the way.


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