Emily Li Maloney

Educator. Coach. Advocate. Human.

7w8. 6/2 ManifestorQuestionner. ENFP. Leo.

I'm Emily, a Certified Health Coach with a focus on non-dogmatic holistic wellness and mental health. I'm also a Special Education Transition Specialist at an alternative high school for disenfranchised populations-- supporting adult students in creating person-centered plans for transitioning out of high school and/or prison. In my "spare time", I volunteer with CASA of Los Angeles, providing mentorship and advocacy for a child in foster care.

In each of my roles I aim to empower my clients and students to embody their version of a bonafide life through self exploration and authentic expression. I do this by focusing on identifying & aligning with their unique values, engaging with their emotions, tuning into their intuition, reclaiming their narrative, and committing to an ever-expanding life.

My coaching philosophy is based in the creation of individualized programs that are rooted in unique values, strengths, and goals. I believe that we are all the utmost expert of our own lives and my role is to simply support you in uncovering and honoring your own divine path to your most bonafide life and cheering you on along the way!

My life philosophy is based in the creation of an aligned life through continual self exploration, living into my core values of joy and growth and exploration, prioritizing community and connection, embracing the complexities of the human experience, disrupting the status quo, and having a damn good time in the process.